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 Zakitch Bugs

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PostSubject: Zakitch Bugs   Zakitch Bugs EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 11:49 pm

Zakitch Bugs Zakitc11

Name Of Creature: Zakitch
Class: Insect
Level of creature: 6
Habitat: Lives anywhere that is slightly or heavily wooded with wild flowers that are abundant.
It Eats: It mostly eats the honey made at its hive, but has been seen eating small insects or rotting carcasses.
Characteristics: This bug can be nice if treated right, but if threatened it WILL attack without hesitation. They usually travel in swarms to better protect the hive and the "Queen" (Which has never been seen; who ever has tried to get her has been killed). They have stingers all down their backs, and attack by spinning quickly against their enemy, tearing flesh and administering a small toxin that can be lethal if too much has entered the blood stream. Their honey is extremely sweet and is harvested by professional farmers to be sold at a high price since it has healing properties.
Nocturnal Or Not: Day-time animal

Strength: 6
Speed: 8
Intelligence: 4
Magic: 4
Health: 26
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Zakitch Bugs
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