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 Myren Narcisse

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PostSubject: Myren Narcisse   Myren Narcisse EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 11:02 pm

Myren Narcisse

Age: 16



Body figure: skinny but with muscles. tannish.

Biography: started out in Taberna City. She accidentally ran away after chasing a run-away horse into The Lost Forest. She was known for daydreaming which got her into trouble due to it causing her to not work.
She doesn't feel that it matters that she got herself lost because she didn't many friends. The part of Taberna where she grew up in didn't have many magicians, so people looked down on her for her abilities. Her parents loved her a lot but they had to go on a voyage to the Kingdom of Earth way across the ocean. They were going to come back for her, but now it doesn't matter because she got lost.

Strong points: not getting lost(usually), befriending animals, learning quickly

Weak points: paying attention, she argues, not believing people, gets sick a lot

Fighting style: Wind Magic

Favorites: the wind, Aura bugs, Her friends, trees, the night

Hatreds: idiots, the heat, the king, her town, that horse she chased into The Lost Forest.

Fears: Clausterphobic

Level: 24

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Intelligence: 20

Magic: 50

Health: 30

Extra: She is not afraid to get dirty. not in the least. she would like to sail to the Kingdom of Earth some day, just to visit her parent and maybe get a Magician mentor.
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Myren Narcisse
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