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 Attack/Ability Template

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PostSubject: Attack/Ability Template   Attack/Ability Template EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 7:46 pm

Here is where you can create your own special powers. A mod or Administrator will look over it and tell you he rank of it.

[State whether this is your special attack of if others can learn it]

Requirements: [How many points in each attribute is required for this move?]

Name of Ability/Attack: [Whatever you want the name of it to be.]

Type: [Physical, ranged, magic, ect.]

Effects: [Does it heal? Burn? Freeze? Ect.]

Description of Attack: [A DEATIALED description of your ability.]

How Effective is it?: [How much damage does it do, or how much does it heal? If it does neither, explain the intensity of it if you did not in the description.]

Rank: [Do not fill this in]

Hit Rate: [High, moderate, low, how well the accuracy is.]
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Attack/Ability Template
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