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 Fiona's Blacksmith

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Fiona Hunt
Fiona Hunt

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PostSubject: Fiona's Blacksmith   Fiona's Blacksmith EmptyFri Jun 10, 2011 6:46 pm

This shop is quite dark, but very large. All across the walls are guns, swords, daggers, maces, and other weapons. Fiona runs this shop, and is very welcoming!
(Look here for information about the weapons below http://terramagica.forumotion.com/f12-accepted-weapons)

Beginner Short Swords- 50 Coins
Beginner Dagger- 50 Coins
Beginner Mace- 50 Coins
Beginner Staff- 50 Coins
Beginner Rifle- 50 Coins (Comes with 50 Bullets)

~More will be updated!~
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Fiona's Blacksmith
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