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 Ayriol Dragon

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PostSubject: Ayriol Dragon   Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:09 pm

Name Of Creature: Ayriol
Class: Reptile
Level of creature: 24
Habitat: Dense forests or large lakes, depends which species
It Eats: Omnivore, it loves fruits from trees or underwater plants, but also enjoys a small, meaty snack.
Characteristics: This creature is one of the nicest dragons in Terra. It loves people and helps them whenever possible. Many people keep these as pets or protectors. If it's offspring is threatened, though, it won't hesitate to attack. It's 15 feet long and weighs 300 pounds, usually.
Nocturnal Or Not: Can be found awake during night or day.

Strength: 25
Speed: 45
Intelligence: 25
Magic: 25
Health: 90
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Ayriol Dragon
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