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 Slent . . .

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PostSubject: Slent . . .    Slent . . .  EmptySun Jun 12, 2011 1:53 pm

Slent . . .  Slent11

Name Of Creature: Slent
Class: Mammal
Level of creature: 27
Habitat: Dense forests, people have taped off where most of them live for the safety of others.
It Eats: It's a carnivore that particularly loves children for some reason.
Characteristics: Standing at 15 feet tall and only weighing 90 pounds, this is a very disturbing creature. Luckily, very few people come across these horrid monsters. Slents will go into towns late at night, though, and gather children up to take into the forest. It seems these creatures have a kind of trance they put people into, then steals them away. Some people have also reported seeing tendrils come out of his back and snatch things away. They usually don't live in pacts, and are only born with one arm.
Nocturnal Or Not: This is purely nocturnal

Strength: 35
Speed: 30
Intelligence: 40
Magic: 30
Health: 107



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Slent . . .
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