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 Emma~ (To be edited....someday..)

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PostSubject: Emma~ (To be edited....someday..)   Emma~ (To be edited....someday..) EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 4:59 am

Emma, now note I have not yet thought of the perfect last name, but I shall think of one.
Age: 16
Height: 5' 4" (or perhaps taller~?)
Weight: UM DERP.
Body figure: Graceful body if I do say so myself. Pale skin with hints of scratch marks and bruises. She's a rather frail and thin girl despite her great fighting techniques. While she's not strongly built, her talent is all in her ability to move quickly. She has deep blue eyes and use to have long black hair, that is until she cut it off about shoulder length. Nevertheless it's wavy and in a mess. She has pointed ears, of course, because she is an elf. Go figure~ Wink I will think of more when the time comes. As for attire, she would wear that of a knight's armor or just a simple shirt and skirt, I want to add more detail so bare with me.

Ah, how does her darling creator say this with out making her character sound like an utter Mary sue? Well, Emma is a princess. That does not necessarily mean she is better than anyone else and that does not mean she gets all that she wants. Born to a Queen and King that have well developed proper manners, Emma is forced to live a life she does not want. Typical~ I know~ Ball dances do not interest this girl in the least bit. Nor does dining the proper way or scoring princes. She would want to lead a simple peasant life. In the human world she heard about an outstanding legend of a peasant girl named Joan of Arc. Inspired by this story, that was all Emma wanted, but it is all Emma can not achieve.

Determined as ever she decides she /will/ lead the life she wants. Comes across as ungrateful, but as well wanting to be independent and show the others that woman can do anything other than sit on their royal a- oh, that's inappropriate. She sets out to be a knight in the end, training so hard to be something she feels she is destined to be. Something she knows she can be better at. She's strong and brave and wants to fight for her rights and not be sucked up into a life she does not want. She doesn't consider herself a princess, nor does she acknowledge it. She's a peasant to others, more so or less. She would only tell people that she trusts greatly what she is, unfortunate for people, she is not one to trust so easy.

I want to think of more for this character but as of now, this is where she stands. Things will change, they always do.

Strong points: Tree climbing, Running, her loyalty, courage (more)
Weak points: Swimming, Magic, Lifting things, despite her loyalty she fails at making friendships in the first place, Ill tempered (More)
Fighting style: Swordsmens-ship, archery
Favorites: Her sword, Bows and Arrows, Forests, idea of Chivalry, British people (don't ask), The color red~
Hatreds: Water, Proper manners, Royal blood line, dresses, combs....pft she needs one /shot/
Fears: Failure, Dying, Falling in love, becoming her parents, (more?)
Extra: Emma has a hard head, you see. She's brutal in the battle field and like I said, it's her timing and pace and flexibility that gets her somewhere, not her strength. She's lost as many fights as she's won. She can speak fluent Elvish and English, but nothing more than that. She's not the best when it comes to magic, don't even let her try. Umm. DAMN IT I WANNA WRITE MORE AKSDL:ASKD:ASDKAS

BUT ANYWAYS I SHALL RETURN TO THIS. It's like, 4 in the morning almost, and everything is blurry and my head is not screwed on right. so, I will fix typos and blocks of text up tomorrow. 'til then, Cheerio or Au revoir~! Which ever fits your fancy~
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PostSubject: Re: Emma~ (To be edited....someday..)   Emma~ (To be edited....someday..) EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 12:07 pm

Ok, this is great! Accepted! You can edit it as much as you'd like, just say when you do.
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Emma~ (To be edited....someday..)
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