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If you are new here, be sure to read the rules and guidelines first! Then explore the website on your own!
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 Main Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Main Rules and Guidelines   Main Rules and Guidelines EmptySun Jun 12, 2011 9:31 pm

These are the main rules and guidelines to enjoying Terra, and makes the site go 'round. Follow them and have fun.

Main Rules
The simple and easy-to-follow rules made by this web site's creator, Myren.
Okay, so I welcome you to this adventure site. The
Rules I have are as follows;
2: Don't go too off color. or i will ban you immediately.
3: No bullying. you know what that is and it will get you banned.
4: No Pornography. Bannable offense. also, i see any more transgender or trap characters... just, no. It's funny when one person does it but after that it gets annoying.
5: I can be your friend or your enemy. You choose.
6: Communication IS KEY to enjoy this game.

Guide Lines
These are the basic guidelines to follow to have fun in this game. This may be edited in the future.
1. Create your character, and make it unique! You do not have to draw it, find the picture you want to use where ever, but make their personality really special. Do not slack on the details and make it your own. You have complete creative control!
2. Determine your first weapon and abilities. You start off with three different abilities/attacks that you can choose from or create, but your first weapon can't be custom. It has to be a basic weapon until you reach level 10, then you can make your own special weapon that levels up with you. Then, follow step 3.
3. In your signature, put two spoilers (To put a spoiler, type [.spoiler] [/.spoiler] except without the periods and write within the two words.) In the first one put the weapon you're using with ALL of it's details, the second one your inventory, where you put anything you've collected through your journey. Also put the link to your abilities/attacks for easy viewing by anyone you're attacking. See my signature as an example.
4. PM me or Myren if you have ANY questions that will impair your game experience. We love you.

Leveling and Gaining Attacks/Abilities
This will hopefully cover all questions concerning how to level and when you can get new attacks.
1. Every creature has experience it will give you if you kill it. How do you come across a creature? In certain areas (which will increase as time goes on) there are certain dice you can roll. To roll a dice you go to the certain topic you wish to search, click "post reply" instead of writing in the quick reply box, and under the typing box are the dice options. Click the dice that matches your area and choose it, then choose how many times you want to roll the dice. Have fun battling the creature, and look up it's stats or you will not get experience for killing it. I will post a quick example on how to battle at the end of this guide. PM me or Myren and we will give you the experience points you have earned.
2. In certain shops or buildings, even posters around Terra there are quests you can do or bounties to collect. Not all of them have to do with fighting, so if you are a healer you can level up this way (or by healing people). Once you've completed one of the quests or killed a person on a bounty PM me or Myren and we will send you the experience and coins.
3. When you first join this website, you start off with 50 Coins to buy your first weapon. It has to be one the the basic weapons and you can not make a custom weapon until you are level 10. PM me whenever you change your weapon so I can change it along with your attributes. When you make a custom weapon, it will level with you.
4. When you first begin you may have 3 abilities or attacks, you can make your own or use one of the ones already made. They have to be within your ranking though (check guide to ranks if you are confused). Every 5 levels you can gain a new attack or ability. Make sure you update your signature when you do.

[Fighting example]

Wandering through the denser part of the forest, Nothopsis stopped when he heard a slight rustling near him. Turning around, he spotted a Slent feeding on a small Grig. "You there! You shall not harm defenseless creatures you disgusting being!" he calls out to it, getting it's attention.

[Slent- Health 107 vs Nothopsis Health 495]

The Slent charges at Nothy, plunging into him and biting his arm. He through the creature off and slammed his mace into it's head, crushing anything in there.

[Nothopsis- -7 health points ; Slent- -107 health points; Nothopsis wins]

Now, we want you to be much more creative than this, but this is a basic view of how things will go down.



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Main Rules and Guidelines
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