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 Creature Template

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PostSubject: Creature Template   Creature Template EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 3:01 pm

[This is basically for if you have 'created' a new creature that lives in Terra Magica, you fill this out.]

Name Of Creature:
Class: [For lack of a better word. Basically; is it a reptile, insect, bird, etc.?]
Level of creature: [1-25 (PM one of the mods if you wish to make it higher)]
Habitat: [Where does it live? Water, land, trees, air, volcano, dark places, forest, rocky terrain, basically anywhere]
Picture: [If you don't have a picture, just give a short description of what it looks like.]
It Eats: [Is it a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore? What's on this creature's menu?]
Characteristics: [Is it vicious? Is it affectionate? Does it hide from people?]
Nocturnal Or Not: [Does this animal sleep during the day and stay up at night, or vice versa?]

Strength: [Look at the level guide to correctly post this]
Speed: [Look at the level guide to correctly post this]
Intelligence: [Look at the level guide to correctly post this]
Magic: [Look at the level guide to correctly post this]
Health: [Look at the level guide to correctly post this]
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Creature Template
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