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 Ming and Reçon

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PostSubject: Ming and Reçon   Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:20 pm

[Picture of character]
Age: ?
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 137lb
Body figure: What you would expect an acrobat in the circus to look like
Biography: Ming was raised by his seven sisters and thus has no idea how to act like a proper male. That being said here is his real bio: Ming had a normal childhood for a girl. He learned how to do many things though he doesn't always remember what. Currently travels with his cat familiar Reçon, though he feels lonely by that. Once when he was a kid he made the mistake of calling his eldest sister fat(even if she is) and was placed under the curse of "Water gets poured on you then you grow cat ears and tail." So with that fear in his head he avoids bath houses if they're busy.
Started his travels in a small place dominated by forest and farmland, Ming has knowledge of herbs and poisons, foods and animals. He doesn't like to linger in a place too long, that reason being is still unknown(even to him) He's cheery and none-too-talky once he's calmed down from meeting someone new. Oh and he doesn't like fighting unless its [b]absolutely[b] nesacsary.
Strong points: Cooking, Sleeping and Magic
Weak points: Strength, Socializing to normal people and Water
Fighting style: Hand-to-hands(Martial Arts), Chaos Magic(google it)
Favorites: Shimshi, cats, the colour blue, forests, Reçon ect.
Hatreds: Potatoes, the colour grey, water, squrrils, and bath houses
Fears: Losing Reçon, Losing the control over his magic in a fight, Water being poured on him.
Level: 5!
Strength: (I can't find the level guide....)
Speed: [^]
Intelligence: [^]
Magic: [^]
Health: [^]
Extra: He's a half-elf with Neko ears when water is poured on him...Got it yet?

Reçon The Familiar
[Picture of character]
Age: ageless soul
Height: 2 feet
Weight: Sand= 15lb, leaves/twigs=8lb
Body figure: It's a cat
Biography: Was at one time a living cat before it died by the hands of magic and forced to the Earth for the rest of it's unnatural life. Chose Ming to travel with because the boy's ability in Magic
Strong points: Being able to channel Ming's spell through him, sleeping, disappearing after being hit
Weak points: Only being able to take one hit. Not having an actual body.
Fighting style: Using itself to channel Ming's attacks
Favorites:Same as Ming.
Hatreds: Same as Ming + Dogs
Fears: Not being useful to Ming anymore and Losing the abliaty to comeback to Ming
Level: 5?
Strength: [Look at the level guide to correctly fill this in[
Speed: [^]
Intelligence: [^]
Magic: [^]
Health: 1/1 (I know it's suppose to be 50 but he's a spirit bound cat)
Extra: Is made out of what ever is most naturally abundent.

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PostSubject: Re: Ming and Reçon   Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:41 pm

This isn't finished, fill in your attributes and put a picture of your character where it says to (any ??'s PM me)



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Ming and Reçon
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